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History Of Stainless Steel Industry

Stainless steel is always associated with the name of a steel expert in England is Mr. Harry Brearley. In 1913, he worked hard to create a special series of high abrasion resistant steels, by cutting down the carbon content and adding chromium to the steel composition (0.24% C and 12.8). % Cr). Dây chuyền xử […]

Standard Table Of Stainless Steel Pipes Common

For stainless steel pipe products, buyers and sellers need to know the product specifications to avoid confusion during the transaction process. Among them, the size of stainless steel pipe according to domestic and international standards is the indispensable information that we need to equip when buying stainless steel pipe. International standards: ASTM A312/A312M, A358/A358M, A778/A778M, […]