One Day At The QMS Office

Smile waiting for people in the gateway

To find the QMS address you can search on google map, Inox Quang Minh name or if you have visited the “QMS house”, the bottom right corner of the website always displays the whole house map!

The first thing that can be felt right when contacting staff at QMS is the intimacy. From the receptionist to the other departments, every visitor is a warm welcome even though they do not know who it is. Where’re you from. Building a team with abundant energy, the attitude of professional customer service are the core values ​​that BLD QMS always wants the whole team to aim for. Although sometimes humid wholesale, we still optimistic love life, because when customers have believed in love they will always accompany you, right? ❤️

Arriving very early, morning coffee and short meetings early in the day

Business hours at QMS are 8am but people are usually present at 7am. Have breakfast together, drink coffee and exchange work at the beginning of the day.

Early morning life in QMS still has the same characteristics as the old Saigon people when the newspaper is still an information channel used every day. what could be more wonderful than sitting in an open space, gossiping about the life, the story of me with a cup of iced coffee with Saigon flavor gradually fading in the modern and hustling pace of life today.

Saigon ice milk coffee
Our story

The first 15 minutes were the time for the departments to plan their day’s operations, problems were solved, ideas were put in place, and everyone returned to battle ready.

Focus on getting the job done

Concentration is always the condition needed to take good care of customers. Stories leave the door and everyone returns to their own missions.

When it all becomes one – going towards our dear customers to move forward, we believe that you will also be pleased to be with QMS ❤️


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