Standard Table Of Stainless Steel Pipes Common

For stainless steel pipe products, buyers and sellers need to know the product specifications to avoid confusion during the transaction process. Among them, the size of stainless steel pipe according to domestic and international standards is the indispensable information that we need to equip when buying stainless steel pipe.

International standards: ASTM A312/A312M, A358/A358M, A778/A778M, B36.19M/B36.10M, JIS3459, CNS6331, JIS3468, CNS 13517

Standard sheet of stainless steel pipe ASTM A312 / A312M, A358 / A358M, A778 / A778M, B36.19M / B36.10M
Standard table of stainless steel tubes JIS3459, CNS6331
Standard table of large tubes JIS3468, CNS 13517

Domestic standards

Domestic standard table

Tolerance for goods

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