Concentric reducer

Concentric stainless steel reducers are mechanical accessories used to connect piping systems or valve devices together. And one of the main tasks is to reduce the pressure and speed of flow inside the pipe.

Let’s learn with Inox Quang Minh about some basic information about stainless steel reducers in the article below!

Technical standards

  • Steel grade: SUS 304, 304L, 316, 316L
  • Standards: ASTM A403, ASME B16.9
  • Origin: Malaysia, Vietnam, China…
  • Specification: Diameter DN8 – DN500
  • Applications: Wastewater treatment industry, Water supply and drainage industry, Beer and alcohol industry, Oil and gas, Chemicals, Steam gas…

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Concentric stainless steel reducers have the effect of connecting two concentric pipes but not of different diameters.

And especially, how to classify stainless steel reducers? Let’s find out now!

Classify stainless steel reducers according to manufacturing materials

For example: Stainless steel reducer is a low-cost accessory made of steel coated with anti-rust black paint, often used in environments such as water, chemicals, gas, etc.

Based on thickness standards

Depending on the thickness standard, stainless steel reducers will be applied to different industries.

Based on connection method

Sealing method: This type of stainless steel reducer will be used a lot in systems because it can withstand high pressure and has good tightness. The connection ends are chamfered to make the connection safer.

Internal thread method: makes installation more convenient and faster, however, threaded grooves often cannot withstand high working pressure, leading to fluid leakage.

Application of concentric concentric reducer

Concentric reducing bulbs are mainly used in technological pipe systems that require clean, stainless steel, not corroded by chemicals, and stainless steel cones are also one of the most sought-after items today.

Thanks to this function, concentric reducers are widely used in:

  • Energy plants
  • Chemical factory
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Metallurgical industry
  • Shipbuilding and construction industry
  • Factories provide subsistence
  • Wastewater treatment plants, paper – pulp, petrochemical – oil refining, fertilizer, food industry,…

In addition, concentric stainless steel reducers are also used for:

  • Industrial high pressure gas pipeline systems
  • Refrigeration system, boiler
  • Shipbuilding system
  • Food technology, water supply, gasoline, gas, oil, gas and fire protection…
  • The reduced wall thickness will still comply with the wall thickness according to ASME B36 standard. 10M & B36. 10M. You can refer to the complete standard table of common stainless steel pipes

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